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Welcome to Global Wealth Management Group

Bienvenido a Global Wealth Management Group1

Transitions are places where stress is naturally concentrated. This is a fact of life so fundamental that it is one of the laws of physics. When Sir Isaac Newton described objects at rest staying at rest and objects in motion staying in motion unless acted upon by an outside force, he was describing this universal fact. In physics, it’s called force; in your career, it may be called crisis or opportunity; in your life, it’s called stress. In our lives, the forces effecting change can come from without or from within – sometimes both. Transitions are the times and places where you have to pay especially close attention to keep things properly directed and under control.

OUR FOCUS is in helping you manage all the transitions in your life.

At GWMG2, we thrive on helping you through all the financial and life transitions – big or small, by choice or by fate –all that come your way: changing career direction, relocating, getting married or divorced, educating your children, preparing for retirement, coping with the loss of a loved one, or passing wealth and legacy on to the next generations or organization doing good works.

OUR SPECIALTY is in helping you manage transitions involving an international border.

Whether you're traveling abroad, working abroad, living abroad or retiring abroad, we can help you navigate the added financial complexities that come with cross-border living. GWMG2 is based and registered in the USA and governed by USA laws. We are team players and either work with your legal and tax professionals or help you build an appropriate team.

In all we do, we pledge to you the highest level of professional service, striving to build an enduring client-centered relationship based on integrity, confidentiality and trust, with a primary focus on helping you make informed decisions that are in your best interests. 

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